Email Updates

Important Merisi.Works updates will be shared via email and Discord from now on.

I wanted to share a small but important update regarding how I will be communicating Merisi.Works product launches and group buy updates going forward.

With the recent wave of spam bots attacking Discord servers, including my own Merisi.Works server, I've been thinking about the risk of relying solely on Discord for important customer communications. If a bot attack ever prevented me from accessing my Discord, it could disrupt my ability to share timely updates with you.
To mitigate this risk and ensure you always receive the latest information, I will be shifting to an "email-first" communication approach:

All new product launches and major group buy updates will be announced first via email to my subscriber list. (Subscribe at the bottom of this blog post)
After the email announcement, I will share the same update on the Merisi.Works Discord server.

This way, even in the unlikely event that my Discord becomes inaccessible, you will still receive important updates directly to your inbox.
Please note that while my Instagram page would likely remain unaffected by Discord issues, I prefer not to rely on social media for sharing important customer information.

Thank you as always for your support and enthusiasm for this great community!


** Discord will not change. Small group buy updates will only be posted there and not via email. I'll still be participating in the daily banter and image sharing... and the #kb-general in our favorite content creators' discords ;)