Merisi 500C


500C is a new 65% layout top mount keyboard design from Merisi.Works. Inspired by the Hasselblad medium format camera from 1957, the 500C features a slanted accent piece on top with rounded corners reminiscent of the glossy frame on the iconic camera body. The accent has the familiar "Merisi" signature on the left side above the USB-C port.

500c accent piece

The accent piece is attached to the top case by the bottom case screws, acting as a clamp for the top case. This eliminates the need for additional screws and threading during the manufacturing process. It also helps keep the individual pieces looking a bit cleaner when they are disassembled.

Plate & PCB

500C will use the same plate and PCB as Sessantacinque. Mechlovin is one of the most popular PCB designers in the community and I've had great experiences working with their team on my previous projects. They are also offering an in-stock PCB which will be fully compatible with both the Sessantacinque and 500C.

Using the same plate and PCB combination as my previous 65% board, the typing experience will be similar to what can be seen and heard on typing videos which my customers have shared on YouTube these past few years.

hasselblad 500c

Bottom Weight

The bottom stainless steel weight design is also inspired by the classic Swedish camera. Hasselblad 500C has an interchangeable focusing hood with a waterdrop-like accent piece on top which you have to flip open in order to see through the viewfinder. 

merisi works 500c bottom

* Note that the production units will feature a 500C engraving just below the Merisi Works logo. (Render further down the page).

The weight is screwed in place from the inside. The internal portion of the weight also hearkens back to the camera's silhouette.
The daughterboard cable routing goes straight back and terminates into an asymmetrical opening to help pool the excess cable and makes room for the JST port on the Mechlovin PCB.

merisi works 500c internal


merisi works 500c bottom



Front height
Rear height
Typing angle
7.8 degrees
Case Color options
Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Purple
Aluminum Plate Colors
Black, Silver, or Red.
65% WK
Additional Plate Material Options
Carbon Fiber & PC


plate layout 500C Dimensions

Group Buy

500C will be sold through a Group Buy in Q3 2023. The fulfillment time will be approximately 10 months.
The GB will be ran as a mix of First Come First Serve (FCFS) and raffle (via Google Form).
The Black and Silver color versions will come with the polished steel top accent piece while the color options will have an anodized aluminum accent piece (color options will be in the product page at checkout)
Black and Silver units will be sold FCFS and the color options will be done through a raffle.

FCFS date is Friday, September 15th at 10am (CDT).
Raffle entries will be Monday, September 18th.