Merisi Ottantaquattro


Ottantaquattro is a continuation of the "Kustoms" series I've been working on for the past couple of years. A Tenkeyless (TKL) layout with similar design aesthetics as the Sessantacinque, which ran as a successful public group buy in Q4 2020.

(A very special "Grazie" to LightningXI for letting me use these awesome photos from his prototype build featuring DCS Deadbeats keyset, BBW, and Bongo Cats artisans.)

LightningXI Typing Video 

Printed Circuit Board from Hiney

The PCB will be the popular and reliable h87c with south facing spacebar stabilizers from hineybush featuring a custom " x hiney" logo. 
QMK + VIA compatible PCB allows for quick layout adjustments, fn layers, macro programming, and other neat features.

The PCB reset button is accessible through the logo cutout next to the spacebar.

VIA configurator can be downloaded here.


The Merisi Ottantaquattro is an ~80% layout (TKL) custom keyboard kit which includes an aluminum case with top and bottom alignment tabs, stainless steel bottom weight, brass internal weight, aluminum plate, Hineybush PCB, screws, bumpons, and ships in a Merisi.Works medium size protective keyboard case.

Front Height
Rear Height
Typing Angle
7.8 degrees
~3300g (assembled)
Case Color Options
Black or silver
Plate Colors
Black, silver, or red.
Layout (Bottom Row)
"Standard", Tsangan or WKL
Additional Plate Material Options
Carbon Fiber & Brass

LightningXI Build Stream

Group Buy Raffle Q1 2022

Ottantaquattro will be sold through a group buy raffle limited to 100 units. The raffle will be open for 24 hours and winners will receive an invoice reflecting the choices entered in the raffle form. Additional Group Buy rules will be listed in the raffle form.

The Group Buy will take approximately 9 months with delays likely because of the ongoing pandemic. Group Buy participants will be updated on a regular basis in the Geekhack thread, discord server, and Instagram.

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