That logo...

 A question I've received a few times in forum posts and DMs goes something like this: 

"What's the deal with that logo and would you consider changing it to something I'd like instead?!"


This has happened enough times to where I think it would be beneficial for me to type out its origin story, what it represents, and its planned usage in the future for other Merisi products.


Caravaggio has been my favorite painter ever since his work was introduced to me during my early university days. His use of lighting and dramatic motifs became my primary source of study and also inspired my art and design direction throughout my undergrad. 

After I had sketched the basic design layout for Sessantacinque I knew I needed a logo to engrave into the weight as well as an identifier on the plate. I poured myself a cup of coffee and secluded myself to the patio and paged through a handful of Caravaggio books and images I have collected over the years. Young Sick Bacchus, Cardsharps, and Supper at Emmaus were the images that drew me in the most and after a few thumbnail sketches, I decided to go with Bacchus and his hand full of grapes. 


For me, the hand holding grapes represents the material things that we hold dearest. For Bacchus it's wine grapes. For others it can be coffee beans, keycaps, switches, lego bricks, etc etc.

I replaced the grapes with basic circles so that the viewer can project what it is they hold dear for themselves.

It's just a coincidence that perfect circles are easier to mill than ovals in a CNC machine... /s

Custom keyboards are tangible objects we build, touch, push, press, and caress. They are the worldly objects which interface us to the abstract happenings on our computer screens. Weather you are an author, programmer, artist, gamer, accountant, or even just a media consumer, input devices are still necessary and thankfully we are able to make them as personalized and enjoyable to use as ever before. One might even say that we can become drunkenly obsessed with them.


This logo is going to be engraved in Merisi products going forward. Usually on weights, plates, and sometimes on the exterior case when applicable. For the TX style bags, the logo will be used on the zipper puller as well as microfiber cloth.


Thanks for reading through this unnecessarily wordy logo explanation and make sure to follow Merisi.Works on IG or join us on Discord.